ST.PIUS PRE & PRIMARY is an English medium school established in 2007 with two (2) teachers and ten(10) pupils located at ILKIURE area in ARUSHA Region with REG.NO.EMA/EM 16993. We provide Education which follows the Tanzania curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology. Factually , Our school is a CO_day School that aims to provide basic quality education to all Tanzanian children especially from disadvantaged family by sponsoring them in order to build their future and become what they want to be . Despite the challenges that the school passed through during its establishment, it’s now a school with 246 pupils, 14 teachers ,two cooks, 2 drivers and 1 janitor. These took the school in a prospering Academic Development that found the school getting the highest rank in national Examinations, that made the school to be 1st in district level and 3rd in Regional level and 30th national level from 2018 to 2019 consecutively ,This was possible because in all critical times in the history of the school there was strong leadership and passionate workers who believed that Unity is strength and disperse is Weakness.