Life goes with a lot of surprises. I could not imagine one day initiating a school for children from poor families and orphans in Arusha in my life. Having worked as a tour guide and later Tour Operator and Marketing Manager, I asked myself what is my contribution to the community around my family. My children were in English Medium Schools and actually receiving proper care and education. I asked myself what about my neighboring families which could not afford to pay the high fees in English Medium Schools? In 2005 I promised God that my goal was to get started and allow children from the neighborhood to get good and quality education no matter what. Since I had a house I got somewhere to start. Yes, I hired a teacher, cook and we started an Elementary School with few children from the neighborhood. It was not a simple work as I expected. I vacated my house and become a tenant somewhere else only to make classrooms for the in flocking children. We underwent tribulations and by 2017 is when I saw a school growing to a primary school with our school becoming number 6 out of so many schools in Arusha in National exams. Now the school has grown into a big school. The need for more classrooms, painting of the current classrooms, water tanks, dining, kitchen, staff offices, library is acute now. We need these things more than before. We pray that any willing person join us in this struggle for change. We appreciate whatever contribution one can make in this effort. We need volunteers as well as retired teachers to mentor our teachers and off course our children. The school can arrange for a shared family accommodation for volunteers who wish to contribute to this transformation. We accept any support whatsoever needed for school growth especially now. We shall update every one about our school growth and changes taking place.

Welcome to St Pius Primary School