St.pius school would like to express our deepest gratitude to you Andi for donating money to support the construction of the school parade ground , because of your generosity,we were able to change the parade ground from being full of dust,gravel and other injurious objects and made it concrete ( the floor). Due to the huge support from you ,our pupils have been currently conducting their parade programmes Not only at a safe , attractive but also a condusive environment for learning. Morever,Our school would also like to Not only thanking you for purchasing teaching and learning materials and sports equipments for our School that will help our pupils increase their knowledge for their better Future,but also deciding to give your time to help our pupils ( teaching and counselling them), especially the seventh graders who took Primary school leaving examinations on 7th and 8th October,2020. Surely our pupils will remember you for your heart of love and devotion. We are proud of your presence at our beautiful school ( St.pius) and Wish you success in your life.

Mr Andy standing in the field of the pupils parade before it was repaired as well as men at work doing manual work during the construction of the Field of the pupils parade.

Mr Andy and St.pius community are enjoying the beauty of the field of the pupils parade that Andy had fully supported to be looking differently from the beginning. The school thanks him to the maximum for such huge contribution to Our school. Indeed the appearance of the field of the pupils parade is beautiful after its made.

Mr. Andy is at the class delivering the knowledge to the standard seven pupils of St pius school located at ilkiurei _ ARUSHA.You can see the pupils following the teacher very closely, also you can imagine how the lesson has been attractive to the pupils. Congratulations Teacher Andy for such a great lesson!

Our friend Andy donates the teaching and learning materials to the leadership of St pius school that Will uplift the academic performance of the school, we thank him for his generous giving to others.