We are of great honor and pleasure to express our profound thanks to MRS. SADRA and MR. MARKUS ( Couple family) for their generosity And kindness to our school during the Period of 5 weeks of their staying at St Pius school. This couple family had come to our school with their lovely sons named TIM a grade Two pupil and NEVIO a pre _ school pupil. We experienced great love and heart giving persons for others from this beautiful family, They did extraordinary duties which touched almost every person and even every category in our school. MRS .Sandra and MR .Markus engaged into several activities including teaching various classes where they were shifting around every class so our pupils could benefit and enjoy the beauty of their potentiality. MRS .Sandra and MR .Markus set up a synergy to support our school With the collaboration of their relatives and friends from Switzerland where they managed to raise money for the aim of helping to alleviate the economic challenge facing our school .The amount donated was spent to pay staff salaries of two months and buying of teaching and learning materials including books, as well as building clean water well and buying of water tank for preserving water for school use in general. ST.Pius community is very happy and joyous to have This mostly important family in our school. We confidently say congratulations to Mrs .Sandra , Mr .Markus,Tim and Nevio for all that you did for our school. We're also getting hard time to say goodbye but we Wish you a safe journey on your trip to different destinations around the globe and a good life for all of you. Further more,we welcome you back to ST. Pius School all the times for you have been a part of ST .Pius school and ask you to do not hesitate to continue giving your support to our school.