Here is Madam Simona from Switzerland.She joined With us through VIVA TANZANIA ORGANIZATION and stayed with us for six weeks as from 1st week of February to 2nd week of March ,2020. So we us the school management didn't hesitate to grant her an opportunity to play some of teachers roles at school and give her a chance to give her contributions in any area she wishes. Simona had fully started cooperating With our teachers in doing so many activities including correcting pupils' class works and home works given as well as engaging into teaching. Due to her kindness and great love she had for be our school, that was not enough, she then organized With her friends on the legacy to leave at our school and came out with an idea of making our school an attractive environment for pupils to learn in it, Simona and her teammates named Silvana , Emmy21 and Rodgers Under RodgArt did a very wonderful and unforgettable work of not only painted the school walls but also drew some pictures , letters, and Numbers which have fascinated pupils , teachers , parents and community at large. We stand everywhere and say again out louder that Simona's support for our school is so great.

Mambo!   I‘m Simona, 25 years old and I‘m from Switzerland. I stayed for 6 weeks at the St.Pius School. The first two weeks we helped the teachers correcting some excercises and got to know the kids and the whole school. It was really interesting to get an insight in the classrooms and the teaching. The headteacher gives you as a volunteer also the opportunity to try teaching some subjects on your own. The teachers were really outgoing and we felt welcomed from the first day on. During lunchtime we could also eat the traditional food of Tansania at the school. After two weeks my friend and I had the idea to paint the wall outside the school - inside the school they already have some beautiful pictures which they can also use to teach some school subjects. The results were really nice and everyone of the school, including us and also people from the village were happy about the painted wall! The time at the St Pius School was a heartwarming experience.