Yannick joined us from February to March 2019 through ViVa Tanzania Organization. Yannick spent most of his time at our school showing the ability to develop relationships with pupils, as the matter of fact, he succeed to build trusting relationships With pupils in order to create a safe, positive and productive learning. He has also shown a high level of teaching which included commitment to pupils success. St.pius school appreaciates his willing to engage and motivate our pupils to a serious learning, we recommend that his teaching was amazing and admirable, as a result , we are now enjoying the fruits of the seeds he has planted to our pupils during his staying at our school. St.pius school would also like to declare its sincere thanks to VIVA TANZANIA ORGANIZATION for being a bridge that linked our school with the most valuable and important people like Yannick and others from different nations across the World. We thank Yannick very much, welcome him again to St Pius school and pray for him to receive abundant blessings and success in all he does in his life.